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What are your current Covid guidelines?
From The Top Theatrics (FT3) is currently operating under state & local guidelines. We strongly recommend masks, vaccinations, & boosters; & perform a covid questionnaire & temperature check at the start of all student rehearsals. We also practice as much social distancing in rehearsals as possible. PPE requirements during performances are determined by the venue & vary per performance. All mask requirements are subject to change based on state & local guidelines or if a determination is made that a mask requirement is in the best interest of the safety of our performers & staff.

What age range of students do you accept?
We accept students ages 8-18. See the “What are the requirements for my student to join FT3 Company?” question below for JTF specific age requirements.

What is the best way to send my video audition?
Sometimes audition videos can’t be emailed because they exceed the attachment size allowed. We recommend hosting your video on a website such as YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, or a personal website & linking a full URL of the video to the audition submission email listed on the show’s auditions page.

What does the production fee cover?
A students production fee helps cover everything that goes into making our shows! Examples include rights, sets, headshots, props, costumes, scripts, tech needs, & so much more. Production fees are mostly inclusive. The only other things families would need to provide outside of the production fee are a performer’s personal items such as: appropriate undergarments for performances; show shoes (character shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes); or basic costuming (leggings or common household clothing like a solid color shirt, dress pants, jeans); & a single concessions donation at the start of performances (such as a single case of water, soda, snacks, or candy).

Do students have to commit to JTF to be a part of FT3 Company?
Yes. FT3 Company Members are students that are dedicated to advancing skills in acting, vocals, & dance. Our program is very much based around JTF as it offers a fun & engaging way for students to have the invaluable experience of being adjudicated & coached by Broadway & theatre professionals from around the world. In the rare event that a committed student becomes unable to attend JTF (we understand, life does indeed tend to happen) & has to drop out, we will handle it on a case by case basis; but students who can not fully commit to the program should not audition.

What are the requirements for my student to join FT3 Company?
Students who audition must be self-motivated; want to greatly increase their vocal, dance, & acting techniques; participate in giving back to the community, setting an example, & joining the musical theatre experience of a lifetime. Student Company members must be between the ages of 8-18; must not have graduated from high school; must still be 18 by the time we go to JTF; & be committed to attending JTF. Due to the nature of our training, students must be able to stay motivated, focused, & attentive throughout the rehearsal process. Each person interested in the Company will be required to send in a general video audition & complete an FT3 Company application. After the video audition, they will have callbacks then select students will be accepted to FT3 Company.  There is a monthly fee paid August – January of each year (currently $100/month) which covers your child’s participation in all FT3 Company performances, JTF entrance fee, Company/Show T-shirt, wristbands for trading at JTF, & lunch & dinner at JTF. The last month’s fee will have an added $50 (for a total of $150) to cover lunch & dinner during JTF weekend. The current total cost of JTF attendance is $650, but may fluctuate slightly per year with changing festival admission or show specific costs. We do have fundraising opportunities that we will do throughout each year.

Will students be considered for lead roles in productions featuring both student & adult actors?
Absolutely yes. We have performed several shows with student & adult lead/supporting actors sharing the stage, such as Beauty and the Beast, Matilda, & Noises Off, to name a few. It is common for students to feel as if they will not have as valuable of an experience in mixed age shows, but we pride ourselves on being able to direct &/or teach to all skill levels as we build a show together. If a student is offered a non-lead role in a show with adults, it is equally likely that they would have been offered the same role auditioning with only other students. We strongly discourage turning down a role that “isn’t wanted” or an ensemble role; as oftentimes those roles are where we grow the most as performers, especially when we are still learning the basics. With a combined, minimum experience of 50+ years among our directors for each production, we are especially adept at finding the right place for our students & challenging them to grow from where ever they started with us. We feel this type of engaged learning enables students to grow easily & exponentially. We offer hands on learning & a variety of theatrical & musical lessons throughout the process; from after auditions, into rehearsals, through tech & show weeks, students are actively learning & honing their skills. The addition of working alongside seasoned adult performers actively modeling acting techniques, character choices, & more developed skills only adds value to the learning process.