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A portion of the proceeds from this production will benefit the Georgia Chapter of Camp to Belong.

Dates: November 15-17, 2019
ALL MATINEES are understudy performances

The Art Place – Black Box Theatre
3330 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta, GA 30066

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Cast List

Young Anna- Hannah N & Ashlyn K(u/s – performing matinees)
Young Elsa- Morgan H & Audrey S(u/s – performing matinees)
Middle Anna- Mya C & Maria A(u/s – performing matinees)
Middle Elsa- Zoe T & Bella Sch (u/s – performing matinees)
Anna- Katie H & Morgan C(u/s – performing matinees)
Elsa – Grace G & Rhylee M (u/s performing matinees)
King Agnarr- Aylin O
Queen Aduna- Andrielly T 
Pabbie- Olivia M
Boulda- Evie H
Bishop – Kaya W
Kristoff- Phillip G
Sven- Charlotte P 
Hans- AJ M
The Duke of Weselton- Dusty W 
Olaf- Michael M & Damein M(u/s)
Oaken- Sofia E
Oaken Family/Handmaiden- Clara D 
Oaken Family/Cook- Audrey S 
Oaken Family/Housekeeper- Maria A
Oaken Family/Steward- Emily S 
Butler – Bella M

Snow/Summer Dancers & Chorus- Annalyn T, Morgan C/Katie H, Morgan H, Audrey S, Andrielly T, Maria A, Zoe T, Bella Sm, Evie H, Oliva M, Bella Sch, Mya C

Townspeople & Hidden Folk Ensemble- Jessa R, Erika B, Damein M, Sophia G, Sam J, Ashlyn K,

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