with music, lyrics, and book by Jonathan Larson
Cast listed below in alphabetical order

Congratulations to From The Top Theatrics’ cast of Rent 2022!

Abbey NixJoanne Jefferson
Alexis McCombMimi Marquez
Anthony BrinkleyHomeless Man/Squeegee Man/
Support Group Soloist (Gordon)
Bella SchneiderVendor #2/La Vie Soloist
Carly SimsBlanket Person/La Vie Soloist
Chandler HarrelsonBenjamin Coffin III
Clara DunnJoanne Understudy/Support Group Soloist (Pam)
Cobin BugniRoger Understudy/Preacher/Cop
Colby BlickMrs. Cohen/Christmas Bells Soloist
Connor HarrelsonAngel Dumott Schunard
Daniel MorganTom Collins
Gabrielle JohnsonMaureen Johnson
Hannah Francesca SamuelMrs. Davis/Christmas Bells Soloist/
Support Group Soloist (Ali)
Isabella HorneSupport Group Soloist (Paul/Paula)/Restaurant
Jackson LambRoger Davis
Janelly MoraMrs. Marquez/Vendor #1
JD TouchtonMark Cohen
Lauren WhiteSeasons of Love Soloist #1/Support Group
Soloist (Sue)/Christmas Bells Soloist
Leo GilgeoursMr. Grey/Cop
Morgan CaseyMaureen Understudy/Mrs. Jefferson
Naoki BregerThe Man
Nat BellBenny Understudy/Seasons of Love Solo #2
Phillip GraceMark Understudy/Mr. Jefferson
Robin ThornhillAlexi Darling/Coat Vendor
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Rent is the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1996 rock opera that follows the lives of a group of bohemians living in New York City’s Lower East Side. The characters navigate various social dilemmas, from the HIV/AIDS crisis to drug addiction and the impact they have on their lives.

Performances Aug. 18th, 19th, & 20th
at The Art Place: 3330 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066

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